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The Journey

  • Laying The Foundation

    Why did God create man? Does He have a plan or did He just create us knowing that we would mess up and that He would have to bail us out, end of story? Unfortunately, Christians have watered down God’s plan and reduced it to something of the following: Believe

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  • Types And Shadows

    So what exactly is meant by “types and shadows”? Types and shadows occur when God uses people, places, or events to depict a higher spiritual reality/meaning. This principle is important if we are to gain further understanding of God's purpose in Christ and His process in accomplishing it. There are

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Daily Bible Reading


Judg 17:1-18:31
John 3:1-21
Psa 104:1-23
Prov 14:20-21


Judg 19:1-20:48
John 3:22-4:3
Psa 104:24-35
Prov 14:22-24


Judg 21:1-25
 Ruth 1:1-22
John 4:4-42
Psa 105:1-15
Prov 14:25


Ruth 2:1-4:22
John 4:43-54
Psa 105:16-36
Prov 14:26-27


1 Sam 1:1-2:21
John 5:1-23
Psa 105:37-45
Prov 14:28-29


1 Sam 2:22-4:22
John 5:24-47
Psa 106:1-12
Prov 14:30-31


1 Sam 5:1-7:17
John 6:1-21
Psa 106:13-31
Prov 14:32-33
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