The Planet B

©Chris Obenberger, All Rights Reserved.
You may download and freely share this song as long as there are no
financial transactions involved and you give credit where credit is due.

On the planet B there seems to be
Everything you see begins with B
There's bouncing babies
And bathing boulders
That bathe in baskets with silly frowns

You got the big brass bands,
Big balloons,
Banana banners
And broken spoons
And some peoples names that you might meet
Are Billy, Bob, Buddy, Benny, and ...

"And Fred"

Sorry, wrong planet
(Ha, ha, ha, ha…)

The bobwhites are bobbin'
The bumble bees are buzz'n
The bushes are blush'n
The buses are rush'n

The Bubble Blue Bug band is play'n a tune
And if you're careful,
You just might see
A boogying bear boogie down the street


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