Let's Get Started (1 & 2)

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If you take some time and learn to multiply
With numbers 1 through 10 you'll never have to cry
So the sooner we get started you'll be through
Cause I know you've got some better things to do.
We'll cover 1 and 2 so listen carefully
Then you'll have to hear some other songs from me.

If you take any number times a 1
You get that number back and find you'll have some fun
So for example 3 times 1 is 3
Can't you see just how easy this will be
5 times 1 is 5 and 1 times 4 is 4
Let's keep going and we'll do a few more.

23 times 1 you know is 23
1 times 44 is 44 you see
and 68 times 1 will equal 68
I think we'll stop for now before it gets too late.
So remember when you multiply by 1
You get that number back and find you'll have some fun.

Lets move on for now and go to number 2
It's just as fun as number one was for you
2 times 2 is 4 and 2 times 3 is six
Just keep moving on and hope you don't get sick
2 times 4 is eight and 2 times 5 is ten
We'll be finished soon it's just I don't know when.

2 times 6 is twelve you're doing very well
2 times 7 is fourteen see what I mean
You should know that 2 times 8 is sixteen
And 2 times 9 is eighteen that's peachy keen
Now you may find your friends are green with envy
When you tell them 2 times 10 is 20.

You've learned a lot for now but still there's more to come
And I congratulate you for a job well done
You've got at lot to think about oh yes you do
And in the next song I'll be back to help you too.

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