Multiply by 11

©Chris Obenberger, All Rights Reserved.
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financial transactions involved and you give credit where credit is due.

Now eleven times two is twenty two
And eleven times three is thirty three
Eleven times four is forty four
Don't fall asleep there's a little bit more.

We've got to get past eleven times five
The answer you know is fifty five
And lets slip on by eleven times six
You may not know that's sixty six.

You know we're half way through and that sounds like heaven
Eleven times seven is seventy seven
Eleven times eight is eighty eight
Man your goooood, I think that's great!

We're headed home with no stop signs
Eleven times nine is ninety nine
I've said it before and I'll say it again
Eleven times ten IS a hundred and ten

We're almost through, are you hav'in fun?
Eleven times eleven, hundred twenty one.
Now when you get to twelve don't look so blue
Eleven times twelve ... hundred thirty two.